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Articles for Adults with CP & other Developmental Disabilities

Do you have an older adult in your family with a Cerebral Palsy? If so, check out these tips from Griswold Home Care for caring for your loved one:

Here’s part 2 of the article above which recommends joining a support group, creating a team of professionals who you can rely on, taking advantage of devices and caring for your bones. Read more at

Quality friendships are very important for people with developmental disabilities. Print out this great workbook from the University of Massachusetts Boston about the importance of friendships for people with developmental disabilities.

There are many benefits to walking. According to the Mayo Clinic, walking can lower blood pressure, improve your mood, and help you stay strong and fit. At UCP, we recently started a weekly walking group and have already been enjoying the extra exercise! To read more about the benefits of walking for an adult with a disability visit

Did you know that there is a phone app that can interpret audio disturbances such as sirens, smoke alarms, car horns or even crying children and can translate them into vibrations, text message alerts, or flashing lights? This app is designed for the deaf population. A group of students at USC and UCLA came together and created the app within two weeks for Android. Wow! Great job students!

Travel & Recreation

Planning on traveling this summer? Here’s a great article that explores experiences from those with a developmental disability in traveling. The article is insightful and explores how certain locations can provide people with disabilities a unique, memorable experience.

Do you know someone who loves theater? Here’s some info on the Seven Oaks Park theater program: “Seven Oaks Sleuths is a theater program designed for young adults with disabilities. The program develops self-confidence and public speaking skills through theatrical performance. Members of the Sleuths will participate in two practice sessions then perform an original mystery theater production. The show is a hour of scripted mystery, improvisation and audience participation. Dinner and dessert are served during the production. Family members and friends are invited to attend. Each mystery dinner has a theme and is held at a cozy location so that all can hear the dialogue and clues to be able to solve the mystery. Seven Oaks Sleuths perform twice a year, once in late summer and again in early winter.” To find out more on the Seven Oaks theater program, visit

The Power of Therapy Animals

Giving warmth and comfort in the form of therapy, that is! Have you ever stopped to think that rabbits have therapeutic qualities that could benefit an adult with a developmental disability? An article from the New York Post explains that therapy animals can have a more profound effect than doctors or therapists in some individuals. Therapy bunnies are “hopping up” around hospitals, nursing homes, and Day Centers.
To read more on the power of therapy bunnies, visit

Inspirational Stories

Wow! Could you make it to be base camp of Mt. Everest? 15 year old, Eli Reimer, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome just did. He traveled with his father and six other people and reached an elevation of 17,000 feet. While many on the trip complained of pains related to elevation change, Eli strengthened the group and encouraged them to move forward. To read more about Eli’s story visit

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