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Together We CAN Make a Difference!

We Need Your Help Though! Here’s How:

  • Make a donation to UCP of South Carolina today.
  • Attend our community events.
  • Designate a contribution to UCP of South Carolina through Community Health Charities of South Carolina or other workplace giving campaign. Our Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) number is 54624.
  • Participate in Internet-based market research anonymously at a safe and secure site. Visit and have your proceeds donated to UCP SC.
  • Donate items through our Amazon Wishlist.
  • Donate your car or other vehicle to UCP of South Carolina through the Insurance Auto Auctions Donate A Car program. Visit our online profile, or call 1-888-205-3420 to schedule your pickup with a car donation specialist.
  • Volunteer your time.
  • Ask someone from UCP of South Carolina to speak at one of your organization’s meetings.

What is the Impact of My Donation?

  • $15,000 could buy one wheelchair for an adult who struggles to or cannot walk.
  • $10,000 could buy a communication device that would allow non-verbal adults to communicate.
  • $1000 could provide rent for 1 month in a group home for 4 adults.
  • $500 could provide two weeks of groceries and snacks for 4 people at one or our residential homes.
  • $250 may give an adult the opportunity to thrive in our stimulating day programming which encourages independent thinking and self-reliance.
  • $50 could provide intellectually stimulating day service outing and activities which encourage self-reliance through participation in employment, volunteering and community involvement.

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Community Health Charities unites caring donors in the workplace with the nation’s most trusted health charities.  Our Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) number is 54624.

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