We want to take a moment to give a shout out to our good friends at Willow Ridge Church in Lexington.

As Hurricane Florence approached North and South Carolina several weeks ago, it became necessary to evaluate the UCP homes and apartments and put emergency evacuation plans in place for individuals living in some of the most flood prone areas.  Evacuation during a major storm is stressful for everyone, but evacuating people with disabilities brings a unique set of challenges and concerns.  One of our board members, Robert Gemmill, is a member at Willow Ridge Church and created their Faith Night Tuesday night ministry, a weekly gathering of church members, individuals served by UCP, and other people with developmental disabilities.  Robert approached the church about offering their space as a shelter for people from UCP that needed to evacuate, and the church agreed without hesitation.

For four nights, the church sheltered 11 individuals along with their staff members.  They also assisted with supplies, snacks, and providing fellowship.  It was a great relief to know that the people who evacuated could stay in a place where they were safe, comfortable, and surrounded by friends.  We offer the leaders and congregation of Willow Ridge Church our heartfelt appreciation for everything they do to enhance our mission and enrich the lives of those we serve. We are so grateful for their generosity and wonderful friendship.  Thank you, Willow Ridge Church; we love you!



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