Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The mission of United Cerebral Palsy of South Carolina is to positively support and impact the achievement of a Life Without Limits for people with disabilities.

We work to assist in, and provide support for, the achievement of goals set by individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, and support efforts to prevent developmental disabilities and minimize their effects.

Our Vision

UCP of South Carolina’s vision is to create a community in which every person, regardless of ability, is able to participate as an equal citizen.

To realize this vision, UCP of South Carolina offers supports designed to help individuals maximize their potential and achieve independent, productive and rewarding lives.

UCP services are person-centered and family-focused, placing emphasis on each person’s abilities rather than their disabilities. Supports are customized to enhance each person’s potential for personal growth, and provide continuing opportunities to make personal life choices.

UCP believes that regardless of the physical or mental challenges they may face, every person with disabilities can attain a more rewarding and productive quality of life when appropriate services and supports are made available to assist them.

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